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Welcome to the Goslings and Cygnets

COVID-19: We are really sad that we cannot see all of you at the moment. School is open to children of critical workers and vulnerable children. However, due to the overwhelming applications for places we have had to prioritise.The guidance is to 'stay at home' where possible in order to reduce the spread of this very virulent strain of COVID-19. So please, if you are a critical worker and do not need a place in school, let us know. We are very aware that some of you will be struggling with home learning, especially if you are also trying to work from home - we are doing our best to help you whilst also teaching in school! Please contact us if you have any problems or need some support. We are here to help. If you cannot manage all of the activities, do not worry. Be mindful of your own and your family's wellbeing and health. Thank you.

All home learning will be posted on TAPESTRY/ TEAMS . The teachers will also be doing 'live' meet ups and will let you know when these are. 

You have now started your school life as part of the Meadows First School family! A really big welcome to all of our Reception children and families. We hope you will enjoy your learning over the year and that you will have lots of fun and make many new friends! This is the start of your journey through Meadows First School, so please take a look at some of the exciting things we get up to! Please CLICK HERE  for information to parents and carers for supporting your child with phonics and maths.

Our Christmas video is on the photo links below. We respectfully ask you NOT TO share this link on any form of social media thank you

Thus year we are excited to be part of the new 'Early Adopters' framework for Early years. You can find out more about this by CLICKING HERE

Home learning -  please CLICK HERE for how we will offer home learning support in the event of a bubble closure or a child having to self isolate for 2 weeks. You can also email the class teachers or post on Tapestry, but remember - the most important learning is talking to your child, reading stories and playing lots of games together to increase their vocabulary and language skills and of course, having fun whilst doing this! Please CLICK HERE for some fun websites to support home learning.

CLASS EMAILS: goslings@meadows.worcs.sch.uk or cygnets@meadows.worcs.sch.uk  (teachers will not be able to answer emails during the day as they will be teaching their class. They will endeavour to reply to queries as soon as possible)

  video for Goslings

Supporting Parents with Phonics: 

PARENT PHONICS  INFORMATION MEETING  Unfortunately, due to the continued restrictions of COVID-19 we have been unable to offer our usual phonics workshop to parents. However, here is the powerpoint from the meeting along with lots of ideas and resources to help you with supporting phonics at home.  (powerpoint from the phonics evening). If you are unsure about anything or need further support you can email the class teachers. Here are some more website links that will help you - click here, or follow the links listed below:


Look here for more ideas for supporting learning in Reception: Signs for reading   Silly Soup   Phase 2 corrrect letter sounds video  Phase 3 Sentences    Phase 3 Tricky Words   Dan the Rhyming man (stick this onto a box and cut a hole for the mouth - use to post through rhyming objects or words) Writing box leaflet  Play Doh Recipe (great for developing fine motor control). 

Ideas to help with reading and phonics (how we teach letter sounds):

   alphablocks are great for teaching the sounds!            Learn the 'pure' sounds here

 Top Marks have some fun games for phonics,                          skywriter  how to write letters correctly.

NUMBERS: Here are some ideas to help with numbers in the Early years. We try to do as much practical work as possible - children love to use numicon, real objects, play-doh, conkers, acorns, egg boxes etc to learn about number. We love to sing lots of number rhymes and songs as these will help too! Click on Meadows Mouse for our number help sheet.

  number guide for parents     5 cheeky monkeys song    bus number game

Bud's number game               Top Marks - a great website for fun number games

Thinking of joining us at Meadows First School?

New starters for 2021: If you are new to reception, or thinking about joining us, please follow this link for lots of information about starting school. CLICK HERE.

Click on Meadows Mouse below to read our children's guide to moving into Reception classes (for Sept 2020): 

 I am starting school. I am in Cygnets class.           I am starting school. I am in Goslings class.

By now you will have seen this little fellow  - he is called Meadows Mouse and he helps us with our learning. He also has many friends and you will meet each of these over the year as well! If you click on him he will tell you about our learning code.

 Can you see who is who?

Guess their names: Friendly Mouse, Active Mouse, Clever Mouse, Global Mouse, Calm Mouse, Safe Mouse


Parents and carers, please also click here to find out more about the Early Years at Meadows.

Our Christmas video is on the photo links below. We respectfully ask you NOT TO share this link on any form of social media thank you.



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