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We offer you all a very big welcome to our school! If you are looking to join us from September at Meadows First School, then please CLICK HERE. If your child is already in Reception or Nursery, please read on. Click on Meadows Mouse to access links below:

 For NURSERY induction please see class pages -  on the Ducklings page

Helping with PHONICS

    Phonics Information for Reception parents and carers  Here is the powerpoint from the meeting along with lots of ideas and resources to help you with supporting phonics at home. (powerpoint from the phonics)

 this link will take you straight to support from Little Wandle - how to pronounce the sounds. It will also show you how we teach to blend - you will find this useful when helping your child.

You can email the class teachers using: goslings@meadows.worcs.sch.uk or cygnets@meadows.worcs.sch.uk.

or you can email the office directly: office@meadows.worcs.sch.uk

Here are some games to play at home to help you with supporting Phonics:


Top Marks have some fun games for phonics, including  skywriter which teaches you how to write letters correctly. However, please use the rhymes from Little Wandle (click the term below for the correct sounds) to say when you are trying to form each letter.

Autumn 1 sounds    Autumn 2 sounds   Spring 1 sounds

Here are some of our resources that you can use to help support phonics using Little Wandle - please ask if you would like paper copies of these instead: https://www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/

 Letters and Sounds

Signs for reading   Silly Soup   Dan the Rhyming man (stick this onto a box and cut a hole for the mouth - use to post through rhyming objects or words) Writing box leaflet    Play Doh Recipe (great for developing fine motor control).

NUMBERS: Here are some ideas to help with numbers in the Early years. We try to do as much practical work as possible - children love to use numicon, real objects, play-doh, conkers, acorns, egg boxes etc to learn about number. We love to sing lots of number rhymes and songs as these will help too! Click on Meadows Mouse for our number help sheet.

  number guide for parents     5 cheeky monkeys song    bus number game

Bud's number game               Top Marks - a great website for fun number games

Transition into Reception Sept 24-25 intake coming in Spring 2024 - but take a look here for some general info)

We hope that you will find this information useful to help you and your child prepare for school.  Please click on each Meadows Mouse picture to download the different information packs:

 NEW Reception leaflet - brief guidance for parents  (to be updated for 24-25)

  a photo guide to share with your child           

 NEW key information (for parents) (to be updated for 24-25)   All about Me (fill in with your child and email it to the office please!)

 starting times RECEPTION September 2024 

Please look on our Class pages - Goslings/ Cygnets for more reception ideas!

The teachers and teaching assistants have posted a video of themselves reading a welcome story to you. Now that you know your classes - click on the teachers' names to watch the story:

Cygnets: Mr Wilbrooke  Mrs Sohna       Goslings:   Mrs Tromans  Mrs Barker   Mrs Mobbs   

The teachers and support assistants would also like to tell you a bit about themselves too! Click on their names below:

Mr Wilbrooke  Mrs Sohna    Mrs Tromans  Mrs Barker  Mrs Mobbs   Miss Etheridge   Mrs Wyton   Miss Banks


You might like to click on this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrynnrd which offers some really useful information on starting school and how to prepare. There are some useful links to follow for learning, but the most important thing is to talk positively to your child about getting ready for school and teaching them to be as independent as possible (see our INFO booklet above)

The following leaflets are from NAHT and offer some guidance in starting school:

Children Parent Guide    Ready to Learn     Giving your child a helping hand     Click here to learn about Signalong

We are also very proud to celebrate with you our Early Years achievements:      OFSTED 2019       2018 Quality Mark      2016 Quality Mark