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At Meadows First School, we are enthusiastic about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We learn this through our lessons, workshops and dedicated learning weeks.  All children are curious about the world around them and how things work.  We aim to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration to prepare them for a world where skills in science, technology, engineering and maths are increasingly important. We provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to engage in practical investigation making links between science, maths, technology and developing engineering skills. This helps to encourage critical and creative thinking and makes the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant and interesting.

Meadows  were successful in an application to take part in a nationwide STEM learning programme, looking at the exploration of the polar region of Antarctica. This was linked to the launch of the'RRS Sir   David Attenborough', Antarctic research vessel. Children in Years Reception  to Year 4  undertook learning related to the work of the scientists involved   in this expedition programme and learning about the impact STEM subjects (Science, Technology,   Engineering and Maths) have in the real world. 

Children across the school observed, researched and investigated all about the polar regions. We designed polar exploring boats, created mechanisms to scoop out samples from icy waters and rsearched what equipment we would need to survive in the antarctic for a week. Every year group also looked at the environmental damage being done by global warming and what we can do to help stop it.



This year the school was each given a man-made super structure to research, design, build and evaluate. Whilst our engineering skills were really important this year we also had to work scientifically to test our designs and the materials we wanted to use. We were challenged by our teachers to come up with our own investigations which helped us think about planning our own simple and fair tests. We loved the freedom and independence this gave us. Children across the school worked in teams to make amazing skyscrapers, bridges, windmills and houses.

A big focus of the week was on the materials that super structures are made from and the impact these super structures have on the environment. As part of this focus we held a school wide competetiion where we were all challenged to recycle a single use plastic bottle and give it a whole new purpose. The designs we came up with were incredible!