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Chinese New Year



Jasmine's mum came into school to talk to the Owls and Hedgehogs about Chinese New Year.

She told us that this year in the Chinese calendar is the year of the Horse and she showed us a picture of a traditional Chinese horse.

She talked to us about the New Year celebrations, including the Lion dance and the setting off of fireworks and firecrackers.

People decorate their houses with lights and hangings, often in red and gold, and she brought some to show us. The colour red is for Good Luck and children are given money in little red packets at New Year.

Jasmine's mum talked about the food that is traditionally eaten as part of the New Year celebrations and brought some chopsticks for us to see and try.

Jasmine showed us her Chinese New Year outfit, which is red and gold and very pretty.

We learned a lot about Chinese New Year and enjoyed Jasmine's mum's visit.


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