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Making Sandwiches


In year 2 we were lucky enough to have a visit by Miss Bates, a representative from Asda. 

Our Topic is ‘Keeping Healthy’ and we all had a try of different types of bread products.

We tried wraps, wholemeal bread, 50/50 bread, seeded bread and wholemeal sandwich thins.  Although we didn’t like them all, we had a try and some of us think we might like to have them in our lunch boxes now!

After trying the different breads we all had a go at making our own healthy sandwich.  Earlier in the week we had designed a sandwich so we tried to keep to our design. 

We had a tiny taste of our sandwich and then took the rest home to show our grown ups! 

For some of us it was the first time we had made a sandwich all by ourselves.  What an achievement!

Thank you to Asda for coming in and supplying all the ingredients and encouraging us to try different healthy options.  We all had a fantastic time.


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