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Eco Club

Eco Club meet every week and enjoy a wide range of activities including, gardening in our allotments,taking care of our pond area, composting and helping to encourage wildlife in to our school grounds.

We also take care of the plants that we grow inside and outside school. One of our favourite things to do is to eat the food that we grow on our allotments. We have planted broad beans, potatoes, beetroot and carrots.

We have also planted a wildflower meadow to help and encourage butterflies and bees and planted climbing plants.

Eco Club take part in The Big School Birdwatch and like to identify the different birds that we see.

We were pleased to find that the frogs think our pond is a good habitat and have laid frogspawn in it.

We also keep the school tidy with our litter pickers.



Eco Club planted a hedge around the pond, with help from Meadows children, to improve the environment and provide a home for wildlife.


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Eco Club made sycamore spinners. It was great fun dropping them and seeing them spin to the ground.


 IMG 1753

We have been tidying away for the winter.


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 Eco Club have been harvesting in the allotments and the orchard. Look at all the things that we grow!

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We have been planting strawberries in our allotments.

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We have been busy harvesting apples from the orchard and pumpkins from the allotments.



Eco Club organised and ran an Energy Event, with hints and tips for saving energy.

IMG 1832

Eco Club recycled christmas trees to be used as bug houses around our school.

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